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Understanding and solving health challenges is like solving a puzzle. Whats going on, and how to manage the root cause. Functional Nutrition is the answer! Choose between a once off Consultation or a Month's (or more) coaching support.

As 1-1 coaching can be an investment there are also Functionally Orientated PROGRAMS for Keto, Thyroid, a 6-month Revitalisation and Chronic Fatigue thatI have created that give you excellent health information and results, still with a level of support from me on your health journey.


Have a look at these at the PROGRAM tab. 

  • Functional Nutrition Analysis Overview

  • Personalised Nutritional Health Strategy (Protocol)

  • Any relevant educational and reference material

  • Supplement recommendations

  • 1 week detailed meal plan with recipes to show protocol implementation.



  • Focus on 1 or 2 very specific health issues or topics. This could be a specific diet,  autoimmune condition, weight concern, Child Nutrition (ADHD, Growth), IBS, Chron's Disease, Celiac) 


90min Consultation

  • Comprehensive Health and Functional Nutrition Analysis

  • 3-day dietary evaluation

  • 90min session

  • Weekly Catch Ups (tele/online)

  • Personalised Nutritional Health Strategy (Protocol)

  • Any relevant educational and teaching material

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • 2 week detailed meal plan with recipes to show protocol implementation.

  • Food Journals with feedback

  • 1 month Q&A Support via whatsapp / app

  • Follow Up Months at AED500/month


  • Those wanting to rethink their health and wellness.

  • Address COMPLEX nutrition & wellness issues whilst getting support, guidance and accountability

  • Focus on longevity with a Professional Registered Nutritionist to navigate complex health concerns and support medical management alongside your Physician. 

Suitable for autoimmune, cancer-management, depression, metabolic (Diabetes II) syndrome, PCOS, infertility, arthritis, ageing etc


1 Month Functional Nutritional Coaching