We are all unique, with our own individual DNA profile, health history, lifestyle and emotional needs - therefore, we each should be following our own unique strategy to achieve and sustain optimal health.


Functional medicine and functional nutrition, terms often used interchangeably,  are becoming increasingly recognised as an effective approach to supporting a variety of health issues.



  • Do you understand the role nutrition can play in achieving (or preventing) optimal health?

  • Do you feel like you are trying to navigate the endlessly infinite theories on the best ways to live and eat for optimal health and wellness? 

  • Do you have any areas of your health that you would like to improve - gut, inflammation, thyroid, autoimmune conditions, thyroid health, menopause, athletic performance, weight-loss, allergies and intolerances, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, active aging and longevity ... or any other condition?

  • Have you found only temporary relief through expensive consultations, medications and solutions that only seem to focus on the symptoms and not addressing the cause of the issue?

  • Would you like to feel better in your body and actually be healthier?

  • Do you think there’s so much more to food than just providing sustenance?

I don't believe in lots of labels for diets, and each person is different. My leaning is towards good quality whole foods, low preservatives and colourants, anti-inflammatory and full of nutrient dense options.

Low Carb HEALTHY fat, Paleo, AIP and healthy Keto are often good starting platforms to tweak and tailor  up the majority of the plans and protocols I devise. I do feel that our carb heavy, grain dominant lifestyles have not given us optimal health. I also support vegetarian options and versions thereof. Add proven health strategies such as Intermittent Fasting and Autophagy for improved results.



Food should be functional, yet still be enjoyable.

Food can be the pathway to optimal health and wellbeing, and is the medicine you can use everyday to fight inflammation, improve health, balance hormones, heal the gut, be and so much more. So come and explore how Functional Nutrition can help you. 

As a qualified chef, my meal plans are always tasty and easy. On request, cooking lessons and shopping services are also available.


I also present Health & Wellness talks to Corporates, Moms and Sports Groups, which can be tailored to specific topics as required. 


Get 1-1 support to help you make long term lifestyle changes, to improve your health and wellness

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