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Physical training raised to the

level of science.

The effectiveness of training and sporting performance is affected by key biological areas, and with DNA Sport, we can help personalise a training strategy that optimises your genetic potential, and identify the right lifestyle, nutrition and environmental interactions to optimally express your genetic potential. 


From exploiting potential advantages as and identifying weaknesses, the DNA Sport test can distinguish every aspect of a person’s sporting potential. These insights can then be used to personalise a training programme and identify appropriate training and nutrition choices. 


Ultimately, DNA Sport can determine the best way to maximise sporting potential, prevent injury and optimise recovery to reach peak levels of conditioning. 


DNA Sport reports on the following areas: 

  • structural integrity of soft tissues 

  • inflammation & oxidative stress 

  • blood flow & respiration 

  • energy during exercise 

  • fuel during exercise 

  • caffeine metabolism 

  • muscle and bone composition 

  • aerobic capacity 

  • power/strength potential 

The Test fee includes a personalised session to interpret your results and provide a nutritional action plan.

Please note: A DNA Sport Test will not prevent or treat any condition, nor guarantee improved sports performance.