Need to optimise your product's nutritional profile, remove or reduce colourants, preservatives and additives? 

Want to improve existing and create new products for your target audience but not sure how? 

Are labels and regulatory information causing you sleepless nights? Shelf-life sampling, laboratory testing and tasting panels adding to your stress?

With a cheffing diploma, experience in a food retail white label brand and the skills and knowledge to implement HACCP, allergy and regulatory information, all these challenges can be quickly resolved. 


Creating nutritious, safe, price relevant products is the start.

Ensuring you meet your customer's changing health needs, identifying new nutrition trends and changes in the scientific marketplace, plus being a social media guru with insightful tweets, award-worthy instagram posts and a growing email list to send sales-driving newsletter is the next part of the food product equation.

Need an extension of your marketing team to help you? Capitalise on 17 years experience for brands such as Pick n Pay (SA), Woolworths (SA), Marks & Spencer (UK), Powerade (SA) and more.

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