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Hi, I'm Vanessa. I am a keen runner, pilates instructor, Ironman triathlete, mother, wife and have my own business, WELLBYNESS.


I'm passionate about helping people, be it moms, children, families and athletes of all ages to achieve their personal nutritional, wellness and fitness goals. I am excited to combine my love of working with people with my passion for food, pilates, fitness and the science of nutrition and nutrigenomics. I also consult and work with corporate food companies to develop and optimise food products for health and marketing material.


 "One mans medicine is another man’s poison"

The food we eat affects every cell in our body and can impact us in one of two ways: to nourish and heal, or, to contribute to illness and poor health. My aim is to provide real, substantiated scientific advice in order to choose the best foods and lifestyle choices YOU need to optimise your health. I also consider how my suggestions support living in today’s fast paced world; where eating out, children’s parties, supper-on-the-run and chocolate cravings or a glass of wine are a reality!


I use the 80-20 rule for my family's nutrition: we eat very well 80% of the time, and 20% enjoy some treats! 




  • M.Sc Personalised Nutrition

  • B. Sc (Hons) Nutritional Science 

  • B.Tech Food Technology

  • Precision Nutrition L1

  • Endure IQ - Fat Adapted Endurance Triathlete

  • NN - Keto & LCHF Nutritionist

  • BASI Pilates Instructor

  • Qualified Chef

  • Paediatric Nutrition Diploma, AUS

  • Food & Allergies Diploma, UK 

  • NLP Life Coach

  • DNA Genetic Testing Certified